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Stem Cell & Transplant Immunobiology, Cardiovascular Disease, Space Medicine

The Transplant and Stem Cell Immunobiology (TSI) Laboratory uses multiple research directions to answer complex questions about stem cell therapy, heart and lung transplantation, and cardiovascular disease. Our laboratory focuses on the immunogenicity of allogeneic stem cells, tissues, and organs, and is interested in designing methods to prevent immunological recognition and rejection of such materials.

We are also interested in better understanding and preventing mechanisms that result in cardiovascular disease. With topics that range from basic science (e.g. identifying novel molecules involved in pluripotent stem cell immunogenicity) to translational medicine (e.g. developing drugs that may be useful in reducing myointimal hyperplasia), we take a wide-angle approach to our research.

Currently, we are involved in exciting cardiovascular research funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). In addition to our excellent team at UCSF, we also work closely both scientifically and collaboratively with our sister laboratory in Hamburg, Germany.

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